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Why the title?

I titled my blog “The Accidental English Teacher” as a way to explain how I came to this profession and as an homage to one of my favorite writers–Anne Tyler. If you want to know the whole story, feel free to read the About Me section.

Even though I did not set out to become an English teacher, I now can’t imagine doing anything else. The stars and all of my passions have aligned, and I truly understand what people mean by dream job. I no longer have the Sunday night stomach aches I used to have at previous jobs that emotionally and physically drained me. Teaching English, I feel energized and excited to get to do what I love and am ready to share what I have learned and believe about being the best teacher I can possibly be for my students.

My specialty is Student Engagement and Motivation so the majority of posts will be on what I find to be effective strategies for making my class a place that students want to be and where they put forth their best effort.

I hope you find something to be of use and that you will share in return. I look forward to learning with you.


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